6 Places You Must Visit Right Now This Holiday Season

Holiday Mount Pleasant Village BIA

By Yousef Chaparian 

Don’t let restrictions get you down! These stores below are open and excited to serve you. These are the must-visit eateries and stores this Holiday season in Toronto. Mount Pleasant Village is a unique point of interest in the city. Reminiscent of a quaint village from the B-roll of a Hallmark movie, travel back in time to Old Toronto—where artisans, bakers, and musicians congregate together, giving the heart of Toronto, the magic of the holiday spirit. Here are the 6 places you MUST visit before the end of the holiday season:

1) At Origin Coffee

Start your journey into the village with a visit to the local coffee shop and become acquainted with authentically sourced single-origin coffee. Treat yourself to a blueberry scone and a coffee, because after all, you’re the main character this holiday season.

Ditch your traditional corporate coffee blends, and you’ll never want to try anything else, after tasting high quality specialty coffee (which offers specific and unique tastes of your choosing). This coffee shop is run by the sweetest husband and wife duo, Cüneyt & Mehtap Mertdoğan. So, if you’re ready to try some of the best coffee in Toronto, At Origin Coffee will surprise you. Check out their instagram: @atoriginto

celebrate easter and passover

2) Jules Café Patisserie

Get ready for incredible French desserts! Every good holiday stop must include pastries—European pastries at that. Jules Café Patisserie offers its finest at their bakery that will transport you to the streets of Paris after biting into their almond croissant. Every morning, this astounding team of bakers put on their aprons to bake fresh cakes, baguettes, and cookies! Their bread loafs and baguettes look like a work of art, you’d think they were props on the set of a film. It comes as no surprise that this is a Mount Pleasant staple. Check out their instagram: @julescafeto

Jules Patisserie Cafe Mount Pleasant Village BIA

3) Flaky Tart

At Flaky Tart, get lost in the taste of gingerbread cookies, lemon shortbreads, and scones. They offer a wide array of diverse selections—pastries, cakes, pies, tarts, and cookies! This diverse selection is perfect for the holiday season, as you gather safely with your friends and family. Chef Lisa Biemans’s 15 years of expertise is undeniable once you bite into a freshly baked Flaky Tart pie. This is the premium Toronto pie location to make your family turn their heads in amazement this season. Check out their instagram: @flakytart 


4) Mastermind Toys

Do you wish you could go back to the 90s when toy stores dominated your gifting needs? Well, Mastermind Toys takes you back to a time when elegant, simple, and quality toys, from your local area, were popular for your kids. Toys aren’t the only items sold here—games, books, and custom-wrapped presents await you on your holiday journey! Alongside in-store shopping, they offer curb-side pickup, so place your order online (they even offer a gift finder selection to meet all your gifting needs)! Check out their instagram: @mastermindtoys 


5) Collected Joy

This obscure knick knack shop is hidden in the heart of Mount Pleasant Village. Cooking items, gifts, food, holiday cards—what better place to buy Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers! They carry sustainable products, apothecary products, and Holiday themed gift boxes. At Collected Joy, you’ll be greeted by the best customer service in assessing the perfect present you want to gift that special someone this Holiday! And the best part of all, you’ll be supporting Canadian as all their products are made primarily in Canada by Canadian designers. Check out their instagram: @collected_joy

6) Jacaranda Tree & Co.

Stacked with new and vintage items, Jacaranda Tree & Co. offers stationery, gift wrapping, and candles at their store. If you’re looking for last minute gifts for your parents or spouse, Jacaranda Tree & Co. has a unique treasure trove of holiday items! Packed with unique home décor you can only find in Toronto, be the proud gift giver of a unique vintage find. So stop by to shop those last minute-items you need, especially for hosting your Christmas dinner! Check out their instagram: @jacarandatreeco

Jacaranda Tree Mount Pleasant Village BIA

Many stores mentioned above are local businesses—so your support matters! They are open and please follow them for service updates. They are operating in strict accordance to Ontario’s health guidelines. Be safe and enjoy your time here! Happy Holidays and a joyful New Year Toronto!

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