This Coffee Shop in Toronto Just Got Even Better

celebrate easter and passover

By Yousef Chaparian 

At Origin Coffee

At Origin Coffee is your cozy local coffee shop which carries authentically sourced single origin coffee.

Their beans are single origin and roasted with a light touch to showcase their natural fruitiness. Run by husband and wife duo, Cüneyt & Mehtap Mertdoğan, they are proud supporters of Mount Pleasant Reduces.

This micro lot roastery is asking you to participate in reducing single-use coffee cups together.

Desserts and Coffee 
Treat yourself to a delightful dessert along with your coffee!
Whether it’s their most popular Blueberry Scone, Almond Crumble, or Turkish Pastry, they’ll always have their best desserts waiting for you.  
At Origin Coffee offers a high variety of coffee tastes for your liking. They only source authentic single origin coffee beans to create a well-rounded cup of coffee.
These are the must try coffee drinks when you stop for a visit:
1. Pour over coffee
2. Latte
3. Cappuccino
celebrate easter and passover

At Origin Coffee Meets Muuse

At Origin Coffee has partnered with Muuse! Muuse is a downloadable app that uses a smart system highlighting the network of cafes run in Toronto.

It guides you on available reusable takeaway containers.

You reduce single-use waste when you use reusable containers and bottles provided by the store.

How does Muuse work?

Here are 3 easy steps:

1. Download the Muuse app and find a participating cafe

2. Ask your barista for your specialized Muuse cup

3. Scan your QR code through the Muuse app and enjoy your coffee!

To return the reusable cup to the store:

1. Locate the Return Bin from the Muuse app

2. Scan the QR code first on the Return Bin and then on the cup

3. Place the cup in the Return Bin and you’re all done!

Feel the experience for yourself! You get 30 days free. Continue your membership for $5/month or $45/year.

At Origin Coffee is following Ontario Public Health protocols. The best part of all—they are open and takeout is up and running!