5 Locations in Toronto to Improve Your Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

By Yousef Chaparian 

Looking after your physical and mental health is incredibly important these days! Mount Pleasant Village offers a whole host of health and wellness services to meet your personal needs.

Appointments are open for spas and gyms! Begin your new health and wellness journey at one of Mount Pleasant Village’s vast array of services.

1. Healthwinds, The Health and Wellness Spa

Health and Wellness

Need to decompress after a long week! Treat yourself to some much-needed time out to recharge!

Healthwinds offers both therapeutic and health benefits in a spa setting.

They offer a great range of services including:

1. Massage therapy
2. Body wraps
3. Body polishes
4. Skin Care

Reconnect with your mind and body and recover from prolonged stress.

This serene spa offers a calming and friendly environment made even better by professional staff. Come out relaxed and happier with a renewed sense of well being.

Book your appointment now and reap the therapeutic benefits of the spa! Healthwinds Spa is open Monday through Thursday 10 – 8, Friday 10 – 7, Saturday 10 – 6, and Sunday 10 – 5.

2. Green Natural Centre

Make the most out of your trip to your local health store! Green Natural Centre is a family run business and provides you with the products that are most important to you!


You can expect sections on nutrition (healthy treats, teas, supplements), skin care, and household products!

The team at Green Natural Centre uses an educational approach when helping you with recommendations.

They assess all your needs and provide you with personalized recommendations.

Green Natural Centre has a grocery section that is stocked with organic goods and teas. Their body care section has body creams, soaps, hair products and much more.

Green Natural Centre values a hands-on approach in educating customers in the community.

In-store shopping and curb-side pickup are up and running!

They are open Tuesday through Saturday 10 – 6 and Sunday 12 – 5!

3. Compass Dermatology

Meet all of your skincare needs at Compass Dermatology! They offer the most effective and natural-looking rejuvenation procedures available.

Alongside their amazing staff, Dr. Sonya Cook and Dr. Julia Carroll are outstanding board-certified dermatologists to begin your skincare journey with!

They specialize in optimizing the health and beauty of your skin!

Services offered at Compass Dermatology include:

1. Dermatologist-administered cosmetic injectables to smooth wrinkles and restore lost volume

2. Laser therapies and other devices to address a wide variety of skin concerns, including uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, redness, and excess fat

Contact Compass Dermatology to book your cosmetic consultation. Their 360-degree approach begins with understanding your goals and developing a positive aging plan which is completely customized for you.

4. Flxme Stretch Studio

Do you spend a lot of time hunched over a computer screen? Trouble getting out of bed? Have unexplained aches and pains?

Stretch out at Flxme! Flxme aims to improve your range of motion. If you often find yourself with muscle pain, Flxme offers techniques which aim to improve your flexibility.

Stretch therapy is a different and unique approach to body pain! Tight muscles are stretched to bring you comfort in body and mind.

Their therapists use a combination of the following:

1. FST (fascial stretch therapy),
2. PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)
3. AIS (active isolated stretching)
4. Static passive stretching techniques

Flxme therapists will devise a personal treatment plan to best suit your needs!

Visit their newly renovated studio located in the heart of Mount Pleasant Village and book your appointment now!

Flxme is open Saturday and Sunday 9 – 5, Tuesday 8:30 – 1, Wednesday 9 – 8, Thursday 10 – 8, and Friday 9 – 8!

5. LabMotus Health & Performance Clinic 

Expect incredible guidance and expertise by kinesiologist Victor Wu and his staff! Victor dedicates his time to rehabilitate patients with great care through the process of ‘movement intelligence’. This approach is proactive, assessing both how to refine your health and performance.


With great expertise, Victor guides you on the best treatment plan for your goals.

LabMotus Health & Performance Clinic has 4 major areas of focus:

1. Chronic Disease Management and Prevention
2. Kinesiology
3. Strength and Conditioning Training
4. Preventative Health Assessment

Victor and LabMotus are passionate about helping you have a healthier life in optimizing body movement!

Contact LabMotus and book your appointment now!

LabMotus Health & Performance Clinic is open all day Monday through Saturday 6 – 7 p.m!


After a long and stressful week, find time to relax at one of Mount Pleasant Village’s many health and wellness centres!

Come on down and treat yourself to a spa day! Or get expertise from Victor and his team at LabMotus Health & Performance Clinic!

The services and stores mentioned above are operating in adherence with Public Health Ontario guidelines. Whether it’s an appointment or in-store shopping, Mount Pleasant Village is awaiting your visit.

Support local and help small businesses thrive!

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