The Ultimate Guide to Design and Décor This Spring

Design and decor

By Yousef Chaparian 

New beginnings…warm weather…and new designs. Are you ready to spruce up your home this spring? Mount Pleasant Village has all your spring design and décor needs at our design stores. From a vast selection to choose from, get ready for spring at Mount Pleasant Village!

These stores below have all your spring needs:

1. Toronto Bath Centre (606 Mt. Pleasant Rd.)

Check out this bathroom and kitchen remodeller at Toronto Bath Centre. They specialize in bathroom remodelling, kitchen renovations, and design projects. Have no idea where to start on your bathroom remodelling project? Well then you’re in luck! Alina and her team are expert remodellers in their field.

Alina hears your ideas and implements a creative approach you hadn’t thought of before in your consultation! Alina listens attentively to your needs and help supervise the entire process from start to finish! The entire project is completed professionally and quickly.

Visit their showroom which features a wide range of products for bathrooms such as bathtubs, faucets, showers, bathroom vanities, countertops, toilets and more!

They offer 5 years of workmanship warranty!

Design and Décor

2. The Sofa Bed Store (590 Mt. Pleasant Rd.)

Buy a brand new sofa bed this spring! They carry fantastic sofa bed collections! Movie Night, SOHO, Nest, and Stretch. Don’t forget to check out their rugs and lounge chairs! All purchases come with free shipping and a 5-year warranty!

If you want to chill on a sofa and binge the latest tv series, check out their movie night sofa beds. It’s perfect for guest rooms and bedrooms!

The Sofa Bed Store is open for pop-up days! Follow their Instagram and get notified of their next opening date

Design and Décor

3. Davisville Kitchens (592 Mt. Pleasant Rd.)

Ready for a brand new kitchen? Check out the kitchen remodelling that awaits you! They have a professional team of staffers and interior designers who help guide you on your vision.

They design traditional, contemporary, and transitional kitchens. They also do bathrooms and cabinet spaces. Their workmanship includes high-quality custom cabinetry. Davisville Kitchens is reopening for in-person visits on March 21st! Manufacturing lead time during the pandemic delayed their deliveries of kitchen cabinets nut they got around that and to reduce wait times, Davisville Kitchens has brought along a local Custom Fabricator! Wait times have now been reduced to 8 to 10 weeks.

Book your appointment with Davisville Kitchens now and don’t forget to check out their showroom!

Design and decor

4. Maison Nurita (609 Mt. Pleasant Rd.)

Maison Nurita is a luxury home boutique. A hidden gem in the city, find one-of-a-kind luxury and chic items from around the world at Maison Nurita! They only import unique and rare items from all around the world!

Maison Nurita’s wants to invite you into the world of elegance and opulence. From furniture to tableware to wall coverings, find something to redecorate your home. They carry items from 1850 to the present. This includes French and Italian mid-century modern furniture. They also carry French, Italian, and Asian antiques.

Check out their new arrivals! Buy a luxury item and transform your home space today.

Design and Décor

5. Manderley Fine Furniture (545 Mt. Pleasant Rd.)

Buy Stickley furniture only at Manderley Fine Furniture. Stickley furniture is known for its traditional, mid-century, and upholstered creations. They have a great selection of Mission-style furniture (born out of the American arts & crafts movement).

The staff here are great at taking inquiries and helping you decide what pieces work best in your select room. Their products are made to last a lifetime!

They sell luxury handmade natural mattresses. Check out their Sprout/Marshall handcrafted two-sided mattresses.

Design and decor

6. Bapst and Son Custom Upholstery (521 Mt. Pleasant Rd.)

Need furniture to reupholster? Not ready to part ways with that beloved couch? Come on down to your local upholstery store, Bapst and Son Custom Upholstery. They transform your furniture fixtures into brand new pieces. If you’re in need of repairs, they will gladly fix your antique chairs and your old sofas. They take in your furniture with the highest care, to repurpose them for new beginnings.

The staff here are ready to assist you in your upholstery needs. They listen to your concerns and will walk you through the repair process.

If the furniture you own needs a fix, give Bapst and Son a call and get a quote!

Design and Décor


Ready to redecorate your home? Come and support your local design and décor stores at Mount Pleasant Village! Many of these businesses are composed of local artisans, interior designers, and repairers.

Whether you’re ready for a full bathroom remodelling project from Toronto Bath Centre, a brand new kitchen renovation from Davisville Kitchens, or simply in need of furniture upholstery from Bapst and Son Custom Upholstery. There is something for everyone only at Mount Pleasant Village. This definitive design list will jump-start you on all your design and décor needs this spring!

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