New Member Highlight: At Origin Coffee and MMMosaics

At Origin Coffee

Husband and wife Cüneyt and Mehtap opened At Origin Coffee in May 2019 and have been adored by the community ever since. Cüneyt’s passion for coffee and Mehtap’s love for mosaics came together to create this warm and welcoming atmosphere where the community can come together over art and a cup of coffee!

This beautiful storefront is also home to MMMosaics. Mehtap started creating mosaics over 20 years ago as a hobby, and she has now turned it into a business! Her mosaic workshops have allowed Mehtap to connect with the Mount Pleasant community in a way that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. 

Everywhere you look, you can see the artistic touch of Mehtap. Whether it is the skillfully created mosaic tables, the beautiful designs on their food displays or the mosaic tiles placed carefully in the cracks of the concrete outside, Mehtap and Cüneyt have perfectly fused their passions. 

As for their coffee, it is easy to taste the love in every cup. Cüneyt hand roasts their high quality coffee beans with care to ensure their natural fruitiness is showcased in each and every drink. Their carefully selected beans allow visitors to the cafe to get to know regions of the world through each sip.

Get yourself a handcrafted latte or a freshly steeped tea and grab a seat near the back of the store at one of their beautiful mosaic tables. You’ll be able to sneak a peek of Mehtap’s behind-the-scenes process. Colourful tiles abound, waiting to be turned into a work of art. If you’re lucky, you may catch her at work, creating a beautiful mosaic that may become a tabletop or a wall hanging. 

You’ll likely find yourself in the company of people tapping away at their laptops, reading a book, or chatting with their friends. It’s obvious that Mehtap and Cüneyt have created something special: a space where neighbours can gather for a sense of beauty, community, and excellent coffee. Don’t forget to check out their monthly local art exhibitions displayed around the cafe while you sip your delicious hand-crafted beverage!

Member Highlight
MPV Table

And if you look closely at their mosaic tables, you may notice something… One of Mehtap’s designs features some of the businesses on Mount Pleasant. Which storefronts do you recognize?

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