Winterlicious is on Mount Pleasant Village – Check us out!

Winterlicious Mount Pleasant Village

To the delight of all Torontonian foodies, Winterlicious is here! The program is back with the traditional prix fixe 3-course menu with lunch and dinner options!

Of course, Toronto has a wide variety of cuisines for you, but what’s not to love about the coziness of the neighbourhood restaurant? Mount Pleasant Village has two restaurants participating in Winterlicious; we can’t be more thrilled to try them.

Granite Brewery and Tied House

Long time neighbourhood gem, the Granite Brewery is a family-owned and operated business. They have been brewing their own award-winning beer and cooking some fine casual plates on Mount Pleasant since 1991. They have two dining rooms one by the fireplace and the other in the library, aside from 2 outdoor covered patios and free parking.

Check out their Winterlicious menu here

Granite Brewery Mount Pleasant Village BIA
Granite Brewery Mount Pleasant Village

Smokeshow BBQ & Brew

This is the place to be for a fun and live rock music vibe. Yes, you read that right, live music from Thursday to Sunday EVERY week. A completely open space with smoke charcoal walls and warm lighting setting the perfect mood for enjoying delicious saucy, smoked barbecue and a memorable experience.

Check out their Winterlicious menu here


There are so many other restaurant options on our neighbourhood, make sure you try them out too. Check out our other restaurants here!

Smokeshow BBQ & Brew Mount PLeasant Village