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Linger and Learn Mount Pleasant Village
Welcome to Linger & Learn, a series where we invite you to discover Mount Pleasant Village history, a community located in the heart of Midtown Toronto. As you explore the area you’ll encounter 8 inviting Muskoka chairs strategically placed throughout our community. Each chair features a unique QR code that, when scanned, transports you to a fascinating story about the history of Mount Pleasant. Join us on this journey as we dive into the intriguing tales behind this vibrant neighbourhood.
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Mount Pleasant Village History


Unearth the captivating history of Mount Pleasant Cemetery!

From its establishment in 1876, this enchanting burial ground predates the vibrant Mount Pleasant Village. Explore the stories of notable figures, including the founder of Eaton Company and a Titanic survivor, who rest within this timeless and cherished destination!


Celebrate 35 years of Mabel’s Fables, the beloved children’s bookstore in Mount Pleasant Village!

Step into a world of carefully curated books, organized by age for easy browsing. Meet Mabel, the resident feline ambassador, and discover the heartwarming memories shared by loyal customers. From enduring community support to weathering the challenges of the pandemic, Mabel’s Fables remains a cherished Midtown gem, ready to inspire new generations.


Step back in time to the vibrant celebrations of the North Toronto Parade in the 1930s!

Experience the energy and excitement as hundreds of Torontonians line Mount Pleasant Road, captivated by marching bands, dazzling floats, and lively costumes. Discover how the North Toronto Business Men’s Club orchestrated this grand event, aiming to showcase the thriving community’s potential and entice city dwellers to venture north!


Indulge your sweet tooth in Mount Pleasant’s delectable history of chocolate shops, candy stores, and irresistible treats that have lined the streets since the 1940s!

Discover the renowned Jenny Lind Candies, celebrated in Gordon Lightfoot’s song, and their iconic green and gold boxes that made for perfect hostess gifts. Just a few blocks north, a Dutch bakery delighted shoppers with tempting pastries showcased in their enticing front window. Today, satisfy your cravings with modern delights – read to find out!


Step back in time and join the vibrant atmosphere of Mount Pleasant in the 1930s!

Discover the fascinating history of how this iconic street came to be and its transformation into a premier shopping destination. Explore the bustling shops, theaters, and apartments that characterized Mount Pleasant Village during this interwar period.


Discover the resilience of Mount Pleasant Village through challenging times.

From past world wars to the recent pandemic, this community has thrived. Support local businesses and learn more about their stories. Read this story to explore the enduring spirit of Mount Pleasant Village.


Taxicab driver William Moffatt unwittingly became an accomplice in a daring bank robbery on Mount Pleasant Road in 1940.

The robber, disguised as a businessman, calmly entered the bank while Moffatt waited in the car. Shots were fired, a chase ensued, and the bandit escaped, leaving behind his disguise at a nearby theater. Discover the full gripping story and the fate of the Bank of Toronto, now known as The Belsize Public House!


Discover the captivating journey of the historic Regent Theatre in Mount Pleasant!

From its early days as The Belsize, enchanting audiences with silent films, to its transformation into The Crest, fostering Canadian talent, and finally as The Regent, captivating moviegoers for decades. Now, with a new chapter on the horizon, join us as we unveil the exciting revival project that will breathe new life into this beloved cultural landmark.

Whether you’re a local resident or a curious visitor, these stories will enrich your understanding of Mount Pleasant’s past, present, and future!


Mount Pleasant Village History

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