Camping, Cottaging, Camper-Van’ing – A Mount Pleasant Village Shopping Guide for Stocking Up

By now you know Mount Pleasant Village is one of our favourite places in the world. But it’s summer of course, and we all know what that means…Packing up the trunk with beach toys, snacks, sleeping bags, games and don’t forget the dog! It’s time to hit cottage country!

North, south, east or West: Ontario is a beautiful playground in the summer. Jumping off the cottage dock, roasting marshmallows by the campfire, paddle boarding across a great lake, stargazing from the woods of the North – it all beckons this time of year. But before you go, Mount Pleasant Village has some tips and shops to visit, to help you have the best possible time while you’re away.

Collected Joy is a beautiful shop filled with functional, delightful things for your life, your home and your cottage. We spoke to Sharon Smyl of Collected Joy about her top recommendations when it comes to summer. She suggests a best-seller: this beautiful Turkish towel, with a twisted tassel fringed design. It’s durable, elegant and made to last. Just perfect for drying off after a dip in the lake, or as a blanket by the campfire at night AND its sand and grass repellent.

For those cozy cottage days when it rains, Sharon recommends a puzzle. Collected Joy has an incredible selection, including puzzles inspired by the natural world, the literary world, the mythical world and beyond. Have a look here!

Collected Joy Mount Pleasant Village BIA

If puzzles are great for the bigger kids but you’re looking for something to entertain the smaller ones, don’t miss MasterMind. It has perfect picks for summer trips, including cornhole for kids, mini play golf sets, wooden ring toss, frisbees, bubbles and so much more. MasterMind is fun the minute you walk through the doors!

Turkish towel Collected Joy Mount Pleasant Village BIA
Puzzles Collected Joy Mount Pleasant Village BIA
Mabel's Fables Mount Pleasant Village BIA

When it’s time to unwind after a big day of corn hole or water sports, Mabel’s Fables down the street has a wonderful selection of children’s books. This bookstore has been serving Mount Pleasant Village since 1988, so if you’re not sure what to get, rest assured they’ll have some perfect recommendations for your kids and the whole family.

Story time, family time, campfire time; none of it is complete without great summer snacks. We know just the place. Kenpik Fine Bulk Food has what you need, from gummy worms and chocolate to salty nuts to everything in between. You’ll also find beans, flour, rice, pasta and tea here. And it’s great place to pick up s’more supplies!

If you’re entertaining at the cottage, trailer, or even at your campsite picnic table, our friends at Jacaranda Tree can help you make your tablescape beautiful.

Check out their summery floral tablecloths, gorgeous wooden charcuterie boards, or Le Rocher Bee Tumbler, just perfect for cocktails on the dock. What’s your go-to summer cocktail?!

When it comes to making the cottage beautiful, florist Jess McEwen – owner of Periwinkle Flowers – has some excellent tips with regard to plants and flowers:

  • Cut the flowers from your cottage garden in the morning or evening, not in the full heat of midday.
  • Take a bucket or jar of cool water with you and place stems directly in after cutting to keep hydrated.
  • Use whatever you have on hand as vases- mason jars, vintage tea cups, milk jugs all work just fine.
  • Embrace the wildflower look and mix colours and shapes together- if they make you happy then absolutely, you can mix them together!
  • Keep the water topped up, it might need to be done daily if it’s hot.
  • Recut the stem ends every few days and remove any finished blooms to keep enjoying your bouquets longer.

Thanks Jess!

Periwinkle Flowers Jess Mount Pleasant Village_2

If you’re invited as a guest to someone else’s summer property, Periwinkle bouquets make a perfect hostess gift. Explore sensational arrangements on their website here.

If the roadtrip to your summer destination is a long one, bring along a box of Foxies Bake Shop cookies. We can promise they’ll keep the kids in the backseat happy. We also suggest making meal time easy when you arrive. Be sure to pack a refreshing Summer Ale Growler from Granite Brewery, and a few frozen PIANO PIANO pizzas!

Where are you headed this summer?

Wherever it is, we wish you safe and happy trails, friends!

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