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Thursday, 02 June 2016 16:27

Midtown Planning Group meeting materials

Thank you to everyone who attended last night's Midtown Planning Group meeting.  As always, we appreciate the quality of your input and the energy you bring to these discussions. 

Community infrastructure is a big topic.  A two hour discussion of existing conditions and emerging priorities can only be the beginning.  Given your demonstrated interest in the issues, we will be able to advance this discussion and get into greater detail in the next stage of the study.  Last night was a good step forward.

I've attached last night's presentations and discussion guide to this email.  These will be posted on the YE website shortly.  I will follow up with an email to the group when the Status Report to Planning and Growth Management Committee is made public as well as with information on upcoming activities.

All the best,


Paul Farish MCIP, RPP
Senior Planner, Strategic Initiatives

City Planning

City of Toronto 
Metro Hall, 22nd Floor

55 John Street

Toronto, ON M5V 3C6


t - 416-392-3529

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