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The cuisine of Florentia is Tuscan. The ingredients used at our restaurant are fine, fresh, Ontario produce, including all local seasonal vegetables and cuts of meat and poultry. Brought in from the Mediterranean, our selection of fish includes the Eurobass-one of our patrons' favourite items-grilled with fresh herbs and served whole with a side of fresh seasonal vegetables and wedges of lemon. At Florentia you will find such classic Tuscan dishes as Ribollita, a hearty Tuscan soup prepared with a variety of cabbages and cannellini beans; Penne Strascicate, an authentic Florentine pasta dish prepared with lean ground veal in a base of onion, celery and carrot; Fagioli All' Uccelletto, cannellini beans with sage in a fresh tomato sauce with extra virgin olive oil; and of course the renowned Florentine steak, a 2-3 inch-thick porterhouse grilled and served with arugula and Parmigiano shavings.

Perhaps the most important feature of Florentia is its lean cuisine: rather than other commonly used oils, or creams and butters, we cook only with Italian extra virgin olive oil. We also avoid amateur attempts at innovative creations in our kitchen. Instead, we pride ourselves on serving "real food" based on classic Tuscan cuisine, the healthiest cuisine in Italy for its simplicity of execution and its choice of fresh ingredients. Many of our patrons return to Florentia precisely because they value this type of cooking, known to be both an advantage in preventing illness and conducive to healthy living.

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