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Caley-Beth is artisan plant-based high performance skincare.

Caley-Beth has nothing to hide. We stand for honesty and integrity. There is no boundary that holds you back. Celebrate your age, embrace your body, and nurture your individuality by connecting with rejuvenating nature. Our products turn daily routines into luxurious moments to pamper yourself. They save you time while caring for the environment, so you can get back to climbing your mountain and cultivating your passions.

Caley has a keen interest in nature and what it can do for our health and beauty. In 2013 she started studying cosmetic formulating, focusing on plant-based ingredients to create high performance beauty products. She recognizes the beauty industry has an immense impact on the environment; from ingredients, packaging, processing, manufacturing, to transportation all throughout the life cycle of each product. She is constantly researching and expanding her education to develop natural eco-luxury beauty products. Check back for upcoming and exciting new products.

Hand Lotion:

Rescue dry hands from washing and sanitizing, with our soothing and moisturizing hand lotion. Specially formulated with all natural ingredients. Leaves your skin feeling silky and nourished. Fragrance free for sensitive skin.

All of our products are free from:

  • petroleum by-products
  • parabens
  • lead
  • synthetic colours
  • synthetic fragrances
  • cruelty to animals

Proudly made in Canada.

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