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Dedicated to improving the lives of dogs”. We provide group & private walks, daycare, puppy visits, in-home boarding, and grooming. Our approach is based on stimulating a dog’s mind as well as its body for health and wellness promotion. We are fully bonded, insured, and certified in pet first aid.

Our Methodology

At Metro Dogstop, our methodology is what separates us from other companies. In addition to providing a loving, fun environment, our service is based upon the principle of using ‘preventative measures’ in order to ensure the safety of your dog.

All dogs in our care will benefit from our practice of ‘behaviour management.’ Dogs are not left to their own devices to pick up undesirable behaviours. Play and interaction is monitored and we ensure that ‘good manners’ are exercised.

Many of our clients have given praise to, and commented on the improvement of their dog’s behaviour and manageability by being in our care. We believe that this success is due to our unique methodology, to which we adhere as the heart of our service.


Socialization should begin with the breeder – as soon as your dog is born. By working with you, the owner, we continue with a socialization program for puppies. Our puppy visits give young dogs a healthy foundation to build on, so they will be prepared for all kinds of new situations with as little anxiety as possible. This enables them to be active, accepted members of society.

Socialization should continue throughout the life of your dog. Our Daycare, Boarding, and Dog Walking services continue to help socialize your dog with other dogs and people.

Exercise for the Body

Like for people, exercise for your dog is essential for good health. Dogs have lots of energy and a desire to use it.

In our walking and day-care programs your dog gets the exercise she needs to stay happy and healthy. A well exercised dog is more content, less destructive and can interact with other dogs and people without the stress of these unfulfilled needs.

Exercise for the Mind

Basic training is used to teach the dogs tricks, play games, and work on behaviour management.

For example, we encourage them to sit when greeting people, take treats with a gentle mouth, walk nicely while on leash, practice recall when off leash, practice basic commands, and teach restraint. We can help teach your dog not to bark for recreation which helps with stress management for them and for you.

Dogs appreciate when the boundaries are made very clear. Setting boundaries enables them to be worry-free, happy dogs by way of knowing that they can rely on good leadership from us.

At Metro Dogstop, education is an important part of your dog’s stay.

Your dog is educated every day they visit us. They learn from the other dogs as well as from our caring professionals. We maintain strict standards of good behaviour in all our activities.

The education continues with you. We have the resources to answer your dog behaviour and socialization questions. Together we can make your relationship with your dog a happy and healthy one.


The saying; “you are what you eat”, is also true for your dog!

At Metro Dogstop we promote a healthy diet for your dog. That’s why our boutique features a quality selection of all-natural foods and treats.

We encourage questions, and are always available for consultation with regard to nutrition, natural health and healing, and alternative medicines for your dog.


At Metro Dogstop, a safe environment is our number one priority.

Our purpose-built daycare centre has rubberized floors that provide a slip-free and sanitary surface that allows play while minimizing impact on dog’s joints and muscles. It also features a fully fenced-in yard for safe play and bathroom breaks, and ramp to the yard enables easy access dogs of all ages and sizes. We treat our facility like home, which is why we are committed to maintaining a clean and sanitary facility, inside and out.

All of our professionals are qualified in Pet First Aid. We even have our own in-house instructor. We run Pet First Aid courses on a regular basis. If you are interested in learning more please give us a call.

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