LabMotus Health and Performance Clinic

LabMotus Health and Performance Clinic

We believe that HEALTH & PERFORMANCE is defined by how well we function physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Expect incredible guidance and expertise by kinesiologist Victor Wu and his staff! Victor dedicates his time to rehabilitate patients with great care through the process of ‘movement intelligence’. This approach is proactive, assessing both how to refine your health and performance.

With great expertise, Victor guides you on the best treatment plan for your goals.

LabMotus Health & Performance Clinic has 4 major areas of focus:

1. Chronic Disease Management and Prevention

2. Kinesiology

3. Strength and Conditioning Training

4. Preventative Health Assessment

Victor and LabMotus are passionate about helping you have a healthier life in optimizing body movement!

511 Mount Pleasant Rd

(416) 932-3883


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