Scholars Education Centre

Scholars Education Centre

Scholars is a Canadian company based in Toronto.


We opened our first centre in 1999 and since then we’ve helped thousands of families achieve results through our proprietary programs and superb teachers. Our programs follow your child’s school curriculum, so you can rest assured that what they’re working on at Scholars will transfer to what they’re doing in the classroom.

We believe that world-class curriculum and programming coupled with qualified, caring teachers lead to success, both inside and outside the classroom.

The world is evolving more quickly than ever before. From technological advances to innovations in every industry, students need more than a few “kill and drill” worksheets and someone knowledgeable in a subject in order to succeed in today’s fast-paced world. It takes thoughtful, attentive teachers who are able to deliver stimulating lessons through comprehensive, well-designed curriculum that bolsters your child’s weaknesses while maximizing their strengths—and that’s what Scholars provides.

Our proprietary curriculum is the cornerstone of Scholars’ programs—and why they work so well!

It has been developed, maintained, and improved over the years by certified teachers and educational experts to ensure that it follows the provincial curricula and a methodology that ensures success for every student. What makes Scholars’ curriculum unique is our approach to learning—we know that students want to experience success and continue to progress and learn new concepts, but we also know that they need repetition to reinforce and help retain concepts they’ve learned.

Scholars’ Leaside location offers exceptional tutoring for all subjects in the Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum. Our programs are customized for each student to suit their unique learning styles and help them navigate their school years successfully. We use a reward-based system to encourage our students to reach their educational goals and inspire confidence in their abilities.

Flexible scheduling and payment options make Scholars Educations Centres the perfect fit for busy families.

Contact Scholars Leaside to get started with a free assessment ($150 value) or a free trial hour. Our qualified tutors will identify your child’s learning challenges and recommend a personalized tutoring program, with no obligation to enrol.

See results that matter!

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