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Monday, 16 April 2018 12:58

Member Spotlight: Apricot Flowers

Business Name & Address

Apricot Flowers - 621A Mount Pleasant Road.

Brief description of your business 

Apricot Flowers is a unique quality flower store for fresh cut flowers, custom arrangements, indoor and outdoor plants, containers, glassware, imported soaps, and candles.  Whether it’s “just because” or for a special occasion, if you’re looking for something beautiful Apricot Flowers is your destination. 

When did you open in Mount Pleasant Village?

Summer of 2015.  The perfect time to bloom!

Why did you pick Mount Pleasant Village?

Mount Pleasant village has the perfect balance of great shopping/restaurant experiences and genuine neighbourhood charm.  And with two parking spots, this location is gold!

What specialty sets your business apart from competitors?

We pride ourselves in our regular stock of premium roses (they really do last longer!) and vibrant, locally grown orchid plants.  We’re always on the hunt for unique finds to add to our selection of flora and giftware and we like to think our custom approach to designing makes each arrangement its own unique creation.  This is how we want our designs to be enjoyed – as fresh, lush and unique.  

What were you doing before you opened your business?

Following a degree in Fine Arts and formal training in floristry, I gained over ten year’s experience working as a designer for noteworthy florists in Montreal and Toronto. I then worked as head designer and manager of an upscale flower store prior to opening Apricot Flowers.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

We enjoy meeting new neighbours and connecting with returning customers, sharing tips for plant care and helping them find the right “something” for each occasion. From small dinner parties to milestone events, we love creating flower arrangements for people to enjoy.

What has changed since you first opened your business?

Residents and business owners alike have grown to become good neighbours and friends.  We just love the welcoming community atmosphere of this area.  Recently we introduced birthday party workshops for kids. These have been a big hit… and big fun!

What's a fun fact about your business?

People have asked about our store name: why “apricot” flowers?  We love the colour apricot and we like the way it sounds too.

What is the most meaningful comment you've received since you've opened?

The most meaningful comments have come from local residents who have dropped in to welcome us as a new addition to the neighbourhood and return with support and appreciation for our artistry.

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