Introducing Mount Pleasant Reduces

Mount Pleasant Village BIA is proud to present, Mount Pleasant Reduces. As more and more people try to tackle climate change, overconsumption, and unmitigated plastic usage–Mount Pleasant Village is a strong supporter of the Canada Reduces program. We are proud to join them by spreading the word about which businesses in our area have recycling or reducing practices.

Be on the lookout for signage at participating stores in 2022!

So… are you ready to reduce waste—together as a community? Canada Reduces is the initiative for you!

Look for the green sticker on their windows. Canada Reduces started in Roncesvalles and quickly expanded to so many other Toronto neighbourhoods.

mount pleasant reduces

Here’s how your business can participate in Mount Pleasant Reduces:

  1. For stores using disposable packaging and coffee cups, request your Bring-Your-Own Green sticker from us! 
  2. Create a program that you can give a second life to used products.  For example, clients can bring used pieces of clothing or other goods and you can partner with charity to donate them. 
  3. For buying groceries, encourage clientele to bring their own bags. Offer an in-store discount for clientele who do. Begin to phase out single-use plastic bags.
  4. Educate your staff to inform clientele about your in-store sustainable policy.
  5. Encourage digital receipts where you see fit. 

Participating Businesses

  1. Elegance Eyewear Boutique: Take your old and no longer in use glasses to Elegance Eyewear and they will donate them for people in need. 
  2. At Origin Coffee: At Origin Coffee now accepts BYO and gives you $0.20 off in your coffee when you bring your cup/mug!
    They have also partnered with Muuse! Muuse is a downloadable app that uses a smart system highlighting the network of cafes run in Toronto using their available reusable takeaway containers.

Say Hello To BYO (Bring-Your-Own)

If you see the Mount Pleasant Reduces green sticker at a cafe or restaurant, rest assured that you are welcomed to Bring-Your-Own (BYO) containers. Remember that BYO goes further than just the coffee mug.
  • coffee cups
  • water bottles
  • string bags for produce
  • cloth bags for bread and bulk food
  • reusable containers for takeout food and deli items such as meat, fish and cheese
  • reusable shopping bags
Watch out for the Mount Pleasant Reduces signage on participating stores, and do not hesitate to ask your favourite store how they are participating in this.
As just one BIA, we are doing our part to reduce waste. Know a store that has a sustainable project that is not included here? Let us know!
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Mount Pleasant Reduces