Thursday, 03 May 2018 15:58

Is Your Business Age-Friendly?

The Toronto Council on Aging and the City's Senior Advocate, Councillor Josh Matlow are co-sponsoring a Town Hall on Wed. May 9 to celebrate the age-friendly approaches the local business are incorporating in their stores.

The Toronto Council on Aging is a volunteer-based, charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of older adults. We are partners with the City of Toronto in working to foster more inclusive, accessible, enabling and supportive neighbourhoods for older adults through community engagement and partnership based on the World Health Organization’s Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities.

For many years we have worked with businesses and service organizations providing site assessments and workshops to enhance their services.

This area of Toronto has a high density of older adults, in fact the Yonge St. Clair neighbourhood has the highest density in the city. As the population continues to rise, more customers and clients will be older. Although most older people are healthy and independent, changes can occur with age. Attending to some of the more common issues related to aging will increase the appeal of local business. Older adults tend to be loyal customers. We have received a small grant that enables our volunteers to visit local businesses to identify their age-friendly features and how they may strengthen others. This extends the work we began last year.

For more information, see the attached flyer below.

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