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Thursday, 07 March 2019 19:21

Spring Workshops and More at Design Department

Spring comes this month!


There may be snow on the ground,  but spring will come quickly as soon as our deep freeze ends.  Now's the time to gather inspiration and get creative about your garden for the spring and summer.

Need some inspiration?  Here's an idea that Meredyth Hilton will be implementing at Design Department!

"This summer we're going to try to squeeze in a trellis behind the store and grow some back alley sweet peas.  The have lovely flowers ranging from deep lavender to pink or white and they’ll give a nice touch of whimsy to the back space!"

What do you need to grow them on?  The trellis you'll need can be almost anything.  Even a rusty fence can be spruced up with these plants.

You probably have a few planters from other years – you can get them into action and be the first to have a pretty planter outdoors!

Bring them inside so they can defrost and when they’re thawed, add some potting soil.  Then, you can plant any bulbs, from tulips and daffodils to crocuses and ever pretty irises – use the ones already budding that are sold in pots at many local stores.  How about some perky pansies? They’ll be available to buy by about the first day of Spring.  

Once it’s starting to warm up and you can take your lovely planters outside – meanwhile, enjoy them indoors.


New dates announced!
Our Landscape Design Classes are our premier service and an excellent way to bring your very own dream garden to life!  Join garden expert Meredyth Hilton as she teaches students about design, plant placement, structures such as fire pits and all the other important features that go into making a beautiful garden.  

WEEK 1: Create your own personal style guide. 
WEEK 2: Everything in the garden except of your plants 
WEEK 3: Lighting and irrigation
WEEK 4: Plants, horticulture and container gardening
WEEK 5: Fire, water, sculpture

The classes are fun and enable students to explore their personal design style.  Meredyth Hilton is also an owner of Artistic Gardens - an award winning company with hundreds of stunning gardens to its credit throughout the GTA. 
To make the classes even sweeter, a selection of delightful hors d’oeuvres with wine and other beverages will be served!

Classes run every Saturday from April 6th to May 4th, 2pm - 4pm AND every Wednesday from April 17th to May 15th, 7pm - 9pm.  $450 + HST per person for the 5 week course.

For more details - visit
Register Today!


Tropical Tabletop Arrangement

There’s something wonderful about having living, green things in your home especially at this time of year. Meredyth Hilton will lead a workshop that will show everyone the joy and diversity of tropical plants and have everyone create their own personal tabletop arrangement. The tropicals, lush and colourful make a wonderful, living centerpiece that will pretty much last forever, enhancing your home and breathing oxygen into your atmosphere!


Condo Balconies & Container Gardening

Imagine adding an entire room to your condominium or apartment!  When the seasons change and it’s garden time, that’s your opportunity!  Learn how to maximize your balcony for entertaining and relaxing using  furniture that’s designed to fit and plants in containers that will grow and make your seasons green and beautiful.   Plants can do so much from  creating privacy to providing herbs to giving you a few lovely tomatoes for your salads. 

Create Your Own Decorative Hanging Planter 
This is a special new class that combines style, horticulture, weaving and macramé!  Create a custom planter by making your own tasseled version using ribbon, yarn and lace that wraps onto a wrought iron planter!  Your choice of black, or white materials or even a combination of both and learn the special combination of weaving and macramé now displayed in Design Department Inc. You will also pot your plant from a selection of topical plants – resulting in the perfect addition to your home greenery!


Terrarium Workshop

Design Department has exquisite terrariums and now, in this two hour class, you will create your own personalized custom terrarium with expert guidance by master gardener/designer Meredyth Hilton.  Sip and taste too, with wine and treats.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10TH, 7PM - 8:30PM, $80 + HST 

Spring Urn Arrangement Workshop

This class will have you ready to don your gardening gloves, ready to plant your selection of lovely spring plants! Meredyth Hilton will show you how to design and plant different spring planter concepts including traditional spring planters and very modern ones. There will be an assortment of the best spring plants in the store and you will choose from one of three designs to recreate at your house. The plants you choose will all be delivered to your home (within 3km of the store only), and you’ll be ready to dig in and get started.  Voila!  Beautiful spring planters!

FRIDAY, APRIL 26TH, 7PM - 9PM, $265 + HST
Book your workshop now!


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