Domaine MaMo

Domaine MaMo


Domaine Mamo is located in Midtown Toronto, in the heart of Mount Pleasant Village. Inspired by French-Italian regional cuisine, we offer dishes celebrating the diverse influences of the Maritime Alps and the Mediterranean coastline. Providing a warm and hospitable atmosphere, it is our goal to create happy and lasting memories for our guests.

Robert Prete, owner: Robert has been feeding and entertaining patrons in Midtown Toronto for 30 years – first at Grazie Ristorante, and more recently at Coquine French bistro. He is well known for his commitment to hospitality and providing a memorable guest experience. Inspired by his travels and culinary adventures, he looks forward to welcoming you to Domaine Mamo.

Didier Leroy, Master Chef Chef Didier is known for serving Classic French Cuisine and is recognized by some of the world’s best and most influential chefs for maintaining the art of French cooking and technique. Chef Didier was born and raised in France, and has worked in some of Paris’ best Michelin Starred Restaurants. He believes restaurants in our city should be supported. After all, today, restaurants play an important part in our lives – the word restaurant means “food that restores”. He is a strong advocate of the farming community, artisanal traditions and the best, locally sourced ingredients.

Chef Didier is the recipient of the Medal of the Chevalier de l’ Ordre du Maître Agricole (Knight of Order of Agricultural Merit) and has been inducted into the Master Chef Association of France (Maîtres Cuisiniers de France). He is also a member of the Academie Culinaire de France, an organization that carries on the great tradition of culinary excellence and science.

581 Mount Pleasant Rd

(416) 483-8282

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