Happy Feet Dance

Happy Feet Dance

Heather Brown is a professional dancer and an award winning competitive choreographer with over 18 years experience teaching dance. She has performed with Marcus Houston, Baby Boy and Rachelle Richard as well as numerous professional shows and companies.


Why Happy Feet Dance?

At Happy Feet Dance our specialized program makes the fundamental techniques of a quality dance education fun and engaging. The program is based on High Five Healthy Play principles, and encourages children to learn through play by playing with purpose. Each dance activity uses proven techniques to develop skills like musicality, flexibility, and focus.

There is no pressure here; instead we create a positive and encouraging environment that promotes self-confidence, self-expression and being active.

By doing this we create a life-long love of dance.

Testimonial "Thank you Heather! My daughter had a blast dancing with you and the kids this summer. Thank you for making her feel welcome and for teaching her some great moves!" Don Mills Dance Mom

745 Mount Pleasant Rd, Suite 203

(647) 262-6945


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