Piano Piano

Piano Piano

Piano Piano is the Italian restaurant you always wished was just around the corner.


A graceful Italian restaurant, Piano Piano serves classic Italian dishes and desserts. Great food and a warm atmosphere liven your dining experience. Whether you order pizza, pasta, or a traditional soft serve ice cream—Piano Piano satisfies your cravings.

Piano Piano offers a wide variety of Italian dishes, you can never go wrong in your choosing! You must try:

1. Burrata: Begin with this tasty appetizer! Made deliciously with roasted grapes, Maldon salt, and focaccia toast

2. The Mediterranean: If you’re in the mood for delicious pizza, this includes: tomato, garlic, oregano, chillis, pecorino, and Sicilian anchovy. It’s cooked to golden perfection!

3. Bone-In Veal Chop: And for the main course, it is served with: fior di latte, tomato, spicy soppressata, and basil

Sophisticated and fun, Piano Piano serves deeply satisfying food that comes in just the right size. The menu features traditional Italian fare that’s been elevated to its most delicious self. If there’s a common thread that runs through Piano Piano, it’s a deep-seated soulfulness and sensuality that’s at once warm, welcoming and just plain fun.

Don’t forget the Carrot Cake for dessert!

623 Mount Pleasant Rd

(416) 483-9789

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