Jacaranda Tree & Co

When did you open in Mount Pleasant Village?
March 1984.

What sets your business apart from anywhere else?
Service is paramount. We overextend our service to make it truly personal. We’ll gift-wrap your purchase and even help you carry it out to your car! Our goal is to make our customers happy versus being rushed. We’re approachable people and keep our pricing very reasonable.

Do you have a specialty?
We do it all! We sell new, vintage and antique furnishings, decor, linen and housewares. As women running a business, we are very in-tune with what people want and are incredibly detail-oriented.

Most meaningful customer comment you’ve received since you’ve been open?
“Your store and displays are so beautiful!” People become inspired by our displays – either to buy or to take home ideas for decorating their own space. We even have regulars who come in to our store to get their “fix” and take a time-out from their day.

Give us one interesting fact about your business:
We have three generations involved in this business. We’ve also managed to capture the attention of the newer generations by evolving constantly, but always maintaining our vision.