The Flaky Tart

Business Name & Address

The Flaky Tart, 711 Mount Pleasant Rd.

Brief description of your business 

We are an old-school bakeshop that makes everything from scratch.  We still produce desserts that will remind of your grandmother’s kitchen.

When did you open in Mount Pleasant Village?


Why did you pick Mount Pleasant Village?

Community – we wanted to be a neighborhood bakery

What specialty sets your business apart from competitors?

Our Whimsy, we have fun with our products. 

What were you doing before you opened your business?

Executive pastry chef at the Rosedale Golf Club.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

The creativity – we bring your ideas to the table.

What has changed since you first opened your business?

Everything!!! Also we are now a peanut free facility

What’s a fun fact about your business?

The average TThanksgivingweek we use approximately120 litres of 35% cream for our pumpkin pies!! Also, the only nuts on site are the people who work here!

What is the most meaningful comment you’ve received since you’ve opened?

“This reminds me of my childhood” What I actually think makes my job meaningful is that I am invited to celebrate with all these families ie: Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, Anniversaries etc. I may not be there personally but our cakes and goodies are in their pictures and become part their history.