March 26 Reminders & Updates

Good Afternoon All,

Here’s today’s reminders and updates:
1. Reminder for those who haven’t done this yet – please email the attached letter to the government reps listed at the bottom of this message.  The more pressure we can put on the April 1st rent issue the better chance we have of making some headway.
2. We posted the call to action re: April 1st on our social media platforms earlier today – please repost to your social media platforms if you can.
3. Media – we have our PR people reaching out to the media to get coverage on this issue.  Today our Board Member, Philip Kocev (iPro Realty) did an excellent interview on CP24.  We are asking each of you who have any media contacts to please reach out to them, send them the attached letter, ask them to help cover this issue.  If you are able to do this and get an interview etc. please let me know in advance.  We’re just trying to keep track of all of the coverage.
4. I participated in a conference call this morning with other BIAs and Councillor Bradford – he is heading up the City’s Small Business Economic Recovery Task Force.  All of us on the call stressed the need for immediate action on the rent issue for small businesses.  We urged him to get Mayor Tory to push this issue as strongly as possible with the Premier. 
5. Our Board Chair, Albert Stortchak, pushed our MPP Peter Tabuns today to increase the pressure on the Premier.
6. Following the conference call with Councillor Bradford, his office sent the attached information sheet on commercial leases.  It may contain information you already know but I’m attaching it just in case.
7. Update: the Province announced today that restaurants who are doing take-out and delivery can now include alcohol in the orders.  If any of you need more info on this please email me.
8. Update: Many of our retailers are looking at doing on-line shopping during this period.  We have access to the City’s Digital Main Street team to help you get this up and running.  If you need help please email me and I will connect you with the person covering our area.
Thank you so much for all of your help with the above – I can not stress how important it is to add your voice to these issues.  We are much stronger together as opposed to alone.