The Village Health Clinic

The Village Health Clinic

Your Village Health Practitioners aim to improve your health using functional medicine and holistic healthcare. Each practitioner at your Village Health Clinic has professional training in their respective field and continues to advance their proficiency in healthcare for the community.
TVHC provides personalized, high-quality care in an integrative environment. We look to forward to working with you to build a supportive, collaborative and health-conscious Mount Pleasant Village


It takes a Village, and we are that Village for you! Our belief is it takes a Village to empower health. Each patient has control of their health, and The Village is your team of professionals, here to provide the necessary tools to help achieve those health goals. We aim to partner with our patients to educate, advocate, and guide them properly to a better quality of life. At The Village Health Clinic, we aim to improve your health using functional based, holistic healthcare. Each person will gain patient-physician relationships that holds integrity, confidence, autonomy, compassion, professionalism and excellence. We believe in providing personalized, high-quality care on an as-needed and preventative basis. Our approach is to employ comprehensive, natural, adjunctive therapies that will help the body's healing process. We work to understand the source of the health concern by addressing the whole picture, following evidence-based medicine and safety guidelines, in conjunction with conventional medicine. At The Village Health Clinic, we practice the philosophy of 'Doctor as Teacher' with each patient. Educating patients about their body and health, allowing our patients to have empowerment of their selves and treatment, leading to a fulfilling, successful and committed change to better health. .

537 Mount Pleasant Rd

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