Shop Mount Pleasant 2 Win!

Shop Mount Pleasant 2 W Holiday edition

From Nov 8 to Dec 19, all your receipts of $25+ qualify for a chance to win! 

Mount Pleasant Village is happy to bring ShopMountPleasant2Win contest to the neighbourhood!

All your receipts (digital or physical) from MPV BIA businesses qualify for our weekly draw! All you need to do is upload them at for a chance to win $500 for yourself and $500 for the local business the receipt is from.

Got a take out through a third-party app? That counts too!
Went to that dentist appointment you delayed all pandemic? Yep, that’s eligible!

Skip Prime delivery and increase your chances!

Weekly Draws on Tuesdays

Contest Calendar

Special Thanks to our Sponsors: David & Kate Young

Thank you for making this possible and sponsoring our prizes!