How to Celebrate Easter and Passover at 5 Locations This Weekend in Toronto

celebrate easter and passover

By: Yousef Chaparian 

It’s time to celebrate at Mount Pleasant Village! Celebrate with your family and friends with great services offered here! This time of year, celebrate renewal and usher in spring time as you celebrate with family and friends. This time of year is all about community and coming together as one. To help you have a joyous occasion, Mount Pleasant Village is excited to have a great selection of stores covering pastries, food, and chocolate (and much more!)

1. Ambiance Chocolat (683 Mt Pleasant Rd)

Easter and Passover are not a 100% complete without chocolate! Ambiance Chocolat carries all your favourite chocolate treats. They master the art of chocolatier Patrick Smet’s Michel Cluizel and Valrhona chocolate recipes. Made fresh in-house every morning, their high-quality chocolate is perfect for this weekend’s celebrations.

celebrate easter and passover

Their chocolate treats include cute bunnies of all sizes: bunny on a scooter, bunny with egg, or a cute sitting bunny. These are available for in-store pick up. 

For delivery, check out their small pail which includes chocolate bunnies and 3 filled eggs!

Their signature chocolate boxes come prepared in many pieces including 9, 12, 24, and even 40!

2. At Origin Coffee (687 Mt Pleasant Rd)

At Origin Coffee is your local coffee shop with homey décor. Treat yourself to a cup of authentically sourced coffee this weekend. Their beans are single-origin and roasted gently for their natural fruitiness. They carry plenty of flavorful coffee options too!

Don’t forget their desserts! Try their Turkish pastry, almond Crumble, or their most popular blueberry scone.

celebrate easter and passover

You can also enjoy their coffee at home, simply purchase their delicious beans and sip it calmly on your long weekend.

This coffee shop is run by husband and wife duo, Cüneyt & Mehtap Mertdoğan. Mehtap Mertdoğan is also an artist and she hosts a beginner mosaic workshop running all month long this April with mmmosaics. She will teach you how to use the proper materials to begin your journey of mosaic art-making.

3. Flaky Tart (711 Mt Pleasant Rd)

Known for their cakes, pies, and tarts—Flaky Tart and Chef Lisa Biemans are excited to celebrate this long weekend with you. They have many special treats for this occasion. You can create your own desserts with different treats here. They have a “DIY” cookie decorating kit. They have chocolate chunk and mini egg cookies that you can make on your own!

Their most popular snack right now is the popular “Bunny Bait”— a shortbread cookie and mini egg mix!

Try their sugar cookies, lemon shortbreads, and scones! If you want to impress your guests this weekend, Flaky Tart’s pies are perfect for the occasion. Visit in-person or online for pickup or delivery.

celebrate easter and passover

4. Hazel’s Diner (523 Mt Pleasant Rd)

Why not step out to brunch to celebrate this weekend? Hazel’s Diner is a cute traditional diner that has all your favourite menu items! Their food is based on classic dishes with modern twists, like the TPA Benny and Hazel’s Hash. Try their pancakes made from their secret pancake recipe or their real Hollandaise.

celebrate easter and passover

All their menu items are made in-house with the joy they pour into the community.

Stay in the loop for patio season this summer! Hazel’s Diner is excited to open up their CafeTO Curblane patio. Don’t miss it!

5. Collected Joy (598 Mt Pleasant Rd)

This knick-knack shop is in the heart of Mount Pleasant Village. Cooking items, gifts, and cards are perfect little somethings for your guests. They carry sustainable products, apothecary products, and beautiful stationery products.

This year, Collected Joy will carry Easter smash eggs and caramel chocolates. Check out their fun “Shmoopy Love Cards” you can gift family and friends.

Get ready for spring with their “Green and Good for our Earth” selection. Don’t forget their “Gorgeous Themed Gift Boxes” filled with health, wellness, and tasty treats! 


There are many ways to enjoy this weekend’s celebrations at Mount Pleasant Village. Grab a bite to eat at brunch at Hazel’s diner, overload on chocolate at Ambiance Chocolat, and step out for some single-origin coffee at your local coffee shop. Celebrate with family and friends and come together as a community. Let’s toast to spring as we usher in new beginnings.