The Ultimate Guide to Patio Season

The Ultimate Guide to Patio Season

It’s been a long winter, and we know you’re eager for patio season to begin. From that much-needed coffee in the morning to delicious Italian food and cocktails, Mount Pleasant Village has it all.

A Quick Bite to Eat 

  • At Origin 
  • Well & Better Coffee 
  • Thorbors Cafe
  • Starbucks 
  • Bread & Butter

Thanks to our new CafeTO patios, Mount Pleasant Village is saying hello to many new patio spaces around the neighbourhood, giving patrons an outdoor space to enjoy their morning coffee or mid-day pick me up. 

Whether you are planning to stop at Thorbors Cafe for a delicious baguette and an assortment of pastries; enjoy a cappuccino and fresh baked goods out on the patio at Well & Better Coffee; pop into At Origin to view their current art exhibit, and sit outside with a cup of their specialty coffee; try some award-winning schnitzel at Bread & Butter; or pick up your favourite drink at Starbucks, there is no better way to enjoy your treat than on one of our patios. 

Patio Map

Red = Permanent Patio 

Blue = CafeTO Patio

For the Brunch Lovers 

  • Hazel’s Diner 
  • Starving Artist

Craving brunch? These CafeTO patios are back. For all the avid brunch lovers out there, check out Hazel’s Diner for your classic favourites. And for all things waffles, check out Starving Artist where everything is served with… you guessed it. Waffles! 

Dinner and Drinks

  • Granite Brewery 
  • Bolan Thai Cuisine 
  • Smokeshow BBQ & Brew 
  • Greece Restaurant 
  • Phebe’s | Zee Grill 
  • Positano
  • Piano Piano
  • Domaine Mamo 
  • Florentina 
  • Wild Chicory 
  • The Belsize Public House 
  • Shibui Eatery

Mount Pleasant’s new patios offer the perfect place to enjoy delicious food and drinks on a warm summer day. At The Belsize Public House, you will be greeted with a great atmosphere and exceptional food. Zee Grill offers some of the city’s best seafood and oysters. Seasonal food and wine pairings are carefully selected at Wild Chicory. For local beers, try Granite Brewery, and if you’re looking for live music, Smokeshow BBQ & Brew is where to be. 

Your favourite Thai dishes can all be found at Bolan Thai, where you can eat a delicious mango salad while soaking up the sun. Just down the road, you can find authentic Greek food at Greece Restaurant’s new CafeTO Patio. This year also returning with a patio is Shibui Eatery, where you can enjoy great sushi and other Japanese dishes. 

If you are in the mood for Italian, you’ve certainly come to the right place. From a casual fine dining experience at Positano, authentic dishes from Tuscany at Florentia, French-Italian cuisine at Domaine MaMo, and the city-wide favourite, Piano Piano, Mount Pleasant has it all.

Last and Certainly not Least, Dessert!

  • XO Gelato 

Cool off on a hot day with a local favourite, XO Gelato, where they have a large variety of refreshing flavours and speciality coffee.


From comfort food to fine dining, Mount Pleasant Village has it all! There is no better way to spend a beautiful summer day than on a patio with your friends and family while supporting a local business. 

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