Rain or Shine, We Dine!

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Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

Summer is here, and all anyone wants to do is sit out on the patio enjoying delicious food and refreshing drinks, but sometimes the weather can throw a wrench in your plans. 

Here on Mount Pleasant, we have several covered outdoor patios where you can enjoy your evening outside, protected from the weather! 

Granite Brewery   

At Granite Brewery, a little rain doesn’t have to ruin your patio plans. With a covered front patio and partially covered back patio, there’s no better place to sit outside on a rainy day. 

Still not up for sitting outdoors? Their beer store is open seven days and week, and they also have a sizeable indoor space ready to accommodate you if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Granite Brewery, open since 1980, has been cherished by two generations of the Keefe family. The brewery dates back to the beginning of the craft brewery renaissance in Canada when craft beer was still a foreign concept. If you are interested in learning more about the history behind this amazing restaurant, check out their story here

Outdoor dining MPV BIA

From Instagram @granitebrewery

Zee Grill

For seafood, Zee Grill has some of the freshest Toronto has to offer. To top it all off, their back patio is covered to protect you from the potentially hazardous weather!

Check them out for fresh oysters, lobster, clams, fish and crab. If the weather doesn’t turn out so bad, they also have a CafeTO patio right out front.

Bread and Butter

Bread and Butter specializes in food made with love and hearty portions. Their famous Apple Strudel and award-winning Schnitzels are local favourites! The homey atmosphere is perfect for a cloudy day. 

Still craving the outdoors? You’re in luck. The restaurant has a spacious side patio covered by a large awning in case of unfortunate weather. 

Outdoor dining MPV BIA

From Instagram @granitebrewery

Rain or Shine We Dine

From Instagram @zeegrill

Bread and Butter Sandwich

From Facebook @breadandbuttertoronto

The Belsize Public House

The Belsize Public House is a cozy restaurant with a modern atmosphere, bistro fare and covered patio seating! Their beautiful patio still lets in the sunlight but protects you from the rain!

The restaurant provides the perfect dining experience with its excellent food, craft beer, and friendly staff! Our suggestion is to go with their grilled flat iron steak salad, it is simply to die for, and who doesn’t love an Aperol Spritz! 

The Belsize Steak Salad

Starving Artist

For brunch, Starving Artist has set up tents over their CafeTo patio to keep you safe from inclement weather. This tasty spot has been a favourite around the city for many years, and for a good reason. With their tasty waffles and delicious coffee, what’s not to love?

If you pop inside, make sure to check out their display of art that they change every six weeks. The art is created by local artists and is for sale!

Indoor Dining

We understand that sometimes it’s just too gross to sit outside, so here are several suggestions for indoor dining on Mount Pleasant. 

Domaine MaMo is a high-end French-Italian restaurant with a gorgeous interior you must see! The restaurant will soon be celebrating its first anniversary on June 29th!

Another great place to dine-in is Marigold Bistro. This Indian restaurant features a variety of allergen-friendly meals, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes!

Last but certainly not least, Sushi Supreme is one of Mount Pleasant’s newest additions. This sushi restaurant is a beloved favourite previously on Yonge that has just moved!

Rain or Shine, We Dine
Domaine Mamo Interior

From DomaineMaMo.com


Sometimes it’s worth it to tough out the weather, or maybe you’ve already made plans and don’t want to cancel. Either way, Mount Pleasant Village has some fabulous restaurants that are perfect for your next night out, rain or shine!

Don’t forget to use the #PatiosOnMountPleasant on all social media platforms to share your patio experience! We’d love to hear about your favourite rain or shine patios in the area.