4 Fitness Locations to Check Out at Mount Pleasant Village

By: Yousef Chaparian

Get Moving! 
Mount Pleasant Village offers many ways to expand your physical health and movement. Positive physical movement is not only good for your well-being, but has countless mental health benefits.
Every person has a unique relationship with exercise and sports. You may have been an active person, but life and the pandemic have gotten in the way of your fitness goals. Or you have never exercised regularly and you’re feeling the need to start moving a bit. 
It doesn’t matter in which situation you are, there is something for everyone at Mount Pleasant Village that will suit you! Whether you’re looking for: 
1. Cardio
2. Yoga 
3. Stretch therapy
4. CrossFit
5. Dance 
Whether it is working with coaches, personal trainers, stretch therapists, or dance teachers for your kids, the goal is to just move your body in your desired way. 
5 Different Techniques: 
1. Cardio at CircuitFit (542 Mt Pleasant Rd) 
Try cardio at CircuitFit! Get your heart pumping, and get into shape with great cardio exercise. Cardio offers many mental health benefits and fitness benefits. Try Skipping rope, ab exercises, or jog on a treadmill.
CircuitFit promotes a 30-minute total body workout that incorporates core and cardio exercises plus functional exercises and weight training. There are various personal programs you can partake in!  Sweat up a storm and workout like there’s no tomorrow. 
Another alternative to try is yoga! Reap the mental health and fitness benefits of this ancient practice. Grab a mat and start slow with guided teachings to begin connecting and understanding your body. Work your way to health mode with connecting and feeling the sensations of your body. Yoga builds your inner awareness of your body in the present moment.
Try a power Vinyasa flow to work on strength and flexibility. Or Hatha yoga for beginners! 
3. Stretch Therapy at Flxme (573 Mt Pleasant Rd)
Stretch out at FlxMe! FlxMe’s stretch therapists listen to your concerns and will guide you through their specialized techniques. Get back control of your body’s aches and pains with slow, controlled stretch therapy. Increase your range of motion, your athletic performance, and strengthen your muscles. The techniques their stretch therapists use are:
1. FST (fascial stretch therapy)
2. PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)
3. AIS (active isolated stretching)
4. Static passive stretching techniques
Get back control of your body. After your session, you will leave feeling with a renewed connection to your body. 
4. CrossFit at CrossFit Metric (756 Mt Pleasant Rd)
If you’ve never had the chance, try CrossFit this spring! Any age or athletic level is welcome. CrossFit empowers the human body, so you can be energized to tackle life situations with new perspectives. Strength gains are due to stress your body has undergone during the exercise process
Engage your body in different movements, reps, and weights. If you’re just getting started with CrossFit, check out their fitness program. The coaches are here to train you at the outset from your level of fitness. Train with two coaches for a minimum of two weeks. 
The classes are held Monday – Friday from 6:30 am – 5:00 pm. 
5. Kid’s Dance at Happy Feet Dance (745 Mt Pleasant Rd Second Floor)
And for the kids… Enroll your kid in a dance program!
Children get enormous benefits from exercise. It has physiological and developmental impact on their brains, it increases their motor skills and learning abilities and it supports a long lasting positive effect on their well-being. 
Happy Feet Dance follows the High Five Healthy Play principles. These are becoming a caring leader, making friends, playing, participating, and mastering skills.
• Re-enrollment opens on Wednesday Feb 23
• General registration opens on Friday Feb 25 
But the studio doesn’t just offer kids classes. They offer Zumba and Low Impact Zumba classes for ages 18 and older 
Guide your body through different techniques with trained professionals and unlock the full capability of your body’s power. 
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner at 18 or 65. Getting to the gym is the first step. Taking a gym class, or trying CrossFit can seem daunting at first. Take it slow and find what works for you. Through slow and progressive movement, you will surprise even yourself! It may be challenging at first to jump straight into an exercise regiment, but with the drive to make room for improvement, you will be well on your way to a new healthy lifestyle. 
Reach beyond what you thought was possible and find comfort out of your comfort zone. 
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