You Must Visit These 4 Stores This Spring For Amazing Flowers 


By: Yousef Chaparian 

We know you can’t wait to go spend more and more time outdoors. Come with us to check out how to brighten your day with Mount Pleasant Village businesses. Mount Pleasant Village has all the flowers you need this spring. Are you ready to transform your backyard and invite guests over to enjoy the outdoors?

Flowers are a big part of our lives as we usher in this season of change and renewal. Begin your gardening journey by handpicking high-quality flowers sourced from around the world. Then get ready with the following spring stores only at Mount Pleasant Village.

1. Rosedale Kennedy Flowers (624 Mt Pleasant Rd)


Step in for some beautiful flowers in Midtown. Whether it’s for birthdays, weddings, or funerals—Rosedale Kennedy has all events covered. They are a passionate team of florists ready to attend to your needs. They are a family-owned and operated business with 3 key stores in the GTA.

Their Country Basket Blooms is perfect for May. Start hanging up your flowers in the garden and watch that summer magic spring to life. Check out their Goodness and Light Bouquet, Sweet Tranquility Basket, and Fresh and Fabulous Bouquet! They have everything you need.

Rosedale Kennedy delivers high quality flowers to retirement homes and hospitals. If you have loved ones in need of care, you can send flowers to Princess Margret Cancer Centre, St. Joseph’s Hospital, or Sunnybrook Hospital.

2. Roehampton Orchids (624 Mt Pleasant Rd)

The place to be for orchid lovers in Toronto, Roehampton Orchids delivers great quality orchids with high professionalism. They import rare orchids from all around the world, nursed to health in this tropical nursery!

Check out their new arrivals that are in season! Phal Miki Lord, Phal Taida Red Bird, and Phal Younghome Golden Pixie.

Roehampton Orchids Mount Pleasant Village BIA

3. Apricot Flowers (621A Mt Pleasant Rd)

Apricot Flower’s arrangements are breathtaking. Their bouquets are elegant and modern so that you can have them in order for weddings and dates.

You can find lots of indoor and outdoor plants, orchids, succulents, and fresh-cut flowers.

If you are looking to send flowers to that special someone, or if you’re prepared to decorate this spring, begin with Apricot Flowers’ beautiful floral arrangements.

Check out their Mother’s Day collection: Fruit punch, Sending you LOVE, and Isla are the perfect flower gifts for mom!!

4. Jacaranda Tree and Co. (569 Mt Pleasant Rd)

After you’ve purchased your flowers, Jacaranda Tree & Co. carries an amazing selection of home décor. Get ready to mix and match with different unique knick knack finds.

They carry beautiful artificial florals. Ivory Tulip Stem, White Rose Stem, Hyacinth in Pot. They also have flower bouquets, tulips, potted grasses, and so much more!

Don’t forget to check out their Mother’s Day collection. Buy their floral dishes, floral cosmetic bag, or the Meri Meri Flower Giant Garland.

Jacaranda Tree Hyacinth in Pot - Mount Pleasant Village BIA


Get ready for gardening, give a floral arrangement to a loved one, or get ahead of the curb with Mother’s Day flowers. Support your local businesses when you shop only at Mount Pleasant Village. Begin your flower journey this May when you visit the likes of Rosedale Kennedy Flowers, Roehampton Orchids, or Apricot Flowers.

As we approach warm weather and summer, let’s reflect as a community at Mount Pleasant Village. There are so many amazing things to look forward to this summer. We look forward to your support of local businesses. Enjoy what Mount Pleasant Village has to offer and enjoy the rest of your spring!

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