A New Mural is Coming to Our Community

Mount Pleasant Manor Rd Mural

Click the arrows to see the renderings for the East and West sides of the mural.

Mount Pleasant Village is becoming an haven for art lovers. All it takes is a quick walk down the street to discover beautifully decorated street poles, art classes, and even mosaics right under your feet! Soon, there will be a new piece of art to add to this ever-growing list.

Mount Pleasant Village BIA is pleased to announce that a new mural will be installed at the intersection of Mount Pleasant and Manor Road! Keep an eye out for the painting of the mural, which is anticipated to begin mid to late September. You will be able to see artist Alexander Bacon busy at work bringing this rendering to life! 

This mural is a continuation of the BIA’s commitment to the beautification of our community. The mural will reflect the vibrancy of Mount Pleasant Village and be a colourful welcome sign to those driving or walking by!

We would like to thank the City of Toronto for funding this project through the 2022 Mural Grant. 


To learn more about the BIA’s continuing efforts to bring art and vibrancy to our main street, click here to read about our current projects and check out other public art initiatives: