The Ultimate Ways to Feel Refreshed for Spring in Mount Pleasant Village

Come find many ways to feel refreshed for Spring in Mount Pleasant Village!

The sprinkle of snow after that gorgeous spring spell only got us more excited for the real thing! As we prepare to officially put away our winter coats, become more active and see more people after a long winter, we could all use a ‘Spring Refresh’ for our skin, our bodies and our overall wellness. Luckily, Mount Pleasant Village has a number of great clinics, unique spas, movement centres and more, and we’re excited to share some ideas with you here.


You might be looking forward to bringing the bike out of the garage or dusting off your tennis racket, but before you do, consider a visit to Uptown Chiropractic with Dr. Azzopardi and her team. Dr. Azzopardi’s focus is on helping people restore better function and adapt better to stress, so they can get back to doing what they love or need to do.  Working with people of all ages, she brings nearly 30 years of experience to her practice.

Uptown Chiropractic

She recommends being proactive as we gear up to become more active. ‘We like the expression Spring tune-up, and encourage people to visit Uptown Chiropractic before they have pain or a problem. If the body is misaligned as your activity increases, it can compound imbalances in the system,’ says Dr. Azzopardi. Chiropractic care is all about improving the communication between your brain and body so you can function at your optimal potential – not only about treating existing pain. ‘When clients come in for a check-up, we conduct a consultation, exam, and create a treatment plan to address the client’s individual needs.’

Uptown Chiropractic is celebrating 10 years as part of the Mount Pleasant Village Community, and Dr. Azzopardi has lived in the community herself for nearly 30 years. ‘I love the community, and I feel very grateful to live and work here,’ she says. Just like Dr. Azzopardi herself, the clinic is warm, welcoming and friendly with efficient service and open 6 days a week including Saturdays. Schedule your ‘Spring tune-up’ today!


When it comes to feeling revitalized and ready for spring, don’t forget your skin. If you’re a woman over 40, we know just the spot.

Pink Maison Meno Skin & Body Spa is the “go-to” for all things Menopause, (skin, body, hormone, pro-aging related). A self-care boutique spot where women can address the negative concerns associated with the menopausal journey and thereafter.

The experience you’ll have here is one you won’t anywhere else in the city (or beyond), and founder Mariella Comparelli created the space for just that reason – there was a lack of resources or treatments for women in this new chapter of life.

‘I’ve worked with skin since my twenties and was instrumental in bringing medical spas to Canada. When I began going through menopause myself, I noticed there was a huge gap in the market. There were little to no resources to attain relief and women were being underserved,’ she says. So she changed that. ’We offer premium bespoke treatment plans featuring the best pro-aging ingredients backed by scientific data, through trial and error and supported by my knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the skin to ensure natural-looking gorgeous results.’ Clients also have access to a naturopath and hormone doctor for well-rounded, total wellness plans for this new chapter of life.

‘There’s a stigma attached to menopause, but if you get a handle on it before it starts and understand what’s going on, you can prevent the problems that can occur later in life,’ she says. Mariella is passionate about helping women feel their best and she’s moving the dial on the menopause stigma and women’s health statistics as she does it.


Another place bringing passion to their practice is LabMotus, the Mount Pleasant health and performance clinic that combines physical therapy, medical, and fitness approaches to help clients prevent injuries, enhance performance, and move optimally. The proactive approach here is unique and effective; a place where clients are in great hands. With individualized care and plans, the team at LabMotus is genuinely committed to helping people feel their best and celebrating their gains and achievements with them along the way.

Maybe you’re springing right into the season with a new look. If that’s the case, consider making an appointment at Chronic Ink, an illustrative tattoo studio in Mount Pleasant Village. Considered by many as one of the most authentic Asian tattoo shops in Toronto, they’ve grown beyond midtown, with studios across Toronto. Check out their amazing work on their Instagram.

LabMotus Mount Pleasant Village BIA
Chronic Ink Mount Pleasant Village BIA2

From performance trainning at LabMotus to decorating your body with tattoo, these places help you show your body some love!

Your best -furry- friend

Finally, we can’t forget a spring refresh for our furry friends. Lucky for us, Mount Pleasant Village has some wonderful pet-focused businesses, including Uberdog which offers dog boarding, daycare, dog walking, shuttle service and more! There’s Pawland, a paw-some pet grooming and supply store and Petville Spa, a high-end salon with a variety of customized grooming services.

Pampered paws Mount Pleasant Village BIA

While this shows a number of great places for you to hit this Spring, this list is by no means exhaustive of all our options! 

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone wandering the lovely streets of our village this Spring, and we hope you do so feeling refreshed and revitalized with the help of our local businesses.

Happy Spring!

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