8 Great Family Day Activities to Check Out This Weekend

By Yousef Chaparian

Family Day is right around the corner!

Are you ready for some great family fun? There is so much to do at Mount Pleasant Village this Family Day weekend! Grab your loved ones and enjoy all Mount Pleasant Village has to offer! 

1. The Chef Upstairs (516 Mount Pleasant Rd.)

Grab a family member or friend and hang out at The Chef Upstairs! Learn to cook with various lessons tailored to you. They offer in-studio and virtual lessons for adultskids and teens.

Make history this Family Day! The Chef Upstairs is hosting The World’s Largest Virtual Cooking Class Event! Join on February 21 at 5 EST. Donations will be going to the Daily Food Bank.

Learn how to cook classic Thai dishes in-person this weekend. You will work with others to create a full meal with multiple steps, under the supervision of the chef.

Or take a trip to Barcelona and learn new tips and tricks in creating Spanish tapas! Learn and eat the dish you’ve created!

There is so much fun to be had when you get the whole family involved! Get your kids and teens involved with cooking classes, March Break and summer camps.

2. Hazel’s Diner (523 Mount Pleasant Rd.)

Welcome to the land of cute traditional diners! Step out to brunch with your family at Hazel’s Diner! It just might become your go-to brunch place after tasting their eggs benedict!

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood for Mexican Benny, Eggs Florentine, or a Stack of Pancakes. They have all your favourite menu items!

Come on in for their all day breakfast menu! Look out for their omelettes, sandwiches, and burgers!

3. XO Gelato (647 Mount Pleasant Rd.)

If you’re feeling classic, come on in for a scoop of gelato ice cream! XO Gelato is a family-run shop specializing in homemade gelato!

Chill out with the special people in your life and savour the richness of ice cold gelato.

They offer so many flavours! Favourites include: salted caramel, French vanilla, and pistachio.

If an ice cream is not exactly what you’re looking for in the middle of February, be aware that gelato isn’t the only item on their menu. They also offer: sorbet, waffles, crepes, paninis, and espresso drinks.

Get ready for spring with delicious gelato!

4. Cassidy Tsang Art Studio (240 Manor Rd. E)

Flex your child’s creative imagination at Cassidy Tsang Art Studio through the art process! Cassidy comes up with many child-friendly art play activities.

Participate in the Family Day Play Challenge! Engage and encourage your children to spend time creating art by using materials that are already available in your home. Watch your child create and hang out with their online friends!

Their signature program – Toddler Sensory Time is available Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:00am – 10:45am and 11:00- 11:45am at Manor Road United Church, beginning March 1.

Outdoor sessions are available Friday at 10:00am – 10:45am and 11:00- 11:45am at June Rowlands Park, beginning April 1.

Use code MPVLOVE until March 31, 2022 for a 15% discount on all Manor Road and June Rowland classes!

5. Mastermind Toys (639 Mount Pleasant Rd.)

Do you have shopping in mind for this weekend? Then visit Mastermind Toys! Their knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist with all your toy needs.

From your children’s favourite toys to the best board games for the entire family! They carry it all

If you want to be in the loop for Family Day and future promotions, sign up for their Perks Loyalty Program in store or online!

6. Mabel’s Fables Children’s Bookstore (662 Mount Pleasant Rd.) 

The most beloved Children’s bookstore, running for over 30 years, in the heart of Toronto!

Encourage your kids to grab a great selection of books to start their spring reading list! A special display of books for March break will be available so you can buy your novels!

If you’re looking for a more long lasting gift, join the Mabel’s Fables Mystery Book Club. Readers 9-18 will discuss a purchased pre-selected wrapped book—and open it live on Zoom!

Support your local bookstore by buying from Mable’s Fables!

7.  Camp Kirk (639 Mount Pleasant Rd.)

Their recreational programs are amazing. Their friendly environment is inviting for your kids. Meeting other kids with similar backgrounds helps boost self-esteem and feelings of accomplishment. What they learn at Camp Kirk will seep into all areas of their lives after the program ends.

Camp Kirk provides a safe and fun place for kids from a neurodiverse background. On top of that, campers and leaders-in-training are ages 6-18 and also with a neurodiverse-background!

Their programs include community weekends, overnight summer camp, and virtual programs.

Camp Kirk specializes in customized care for kids, focusing on building relationships and strengthening their abilities, all while having fun!

This creates a very rewarding experience for your kid, so sign them up for Camp Kirk this summer, and build life-long memories!

8. Midtown’s Tiny Tots (820 Mount Pleasant Rd.) 

Midtown’s Tiny Tots prepares your children for kindergarten!

Drop your child off at daycare and watch them grow up in an amazing environment!

Monice and all educators are passionate that your child has the best experience possible at daycare!

Midtown’s Tiny Tots has 3 separate locations along Mount Pleasant Road to meet your child’s exact needs. Full Day Child CareHalf Day Child Care, and the Activity Centre

Sign up for your play time at the Activity Centre (745 Mount Pleasant Rd, 2nd floor) on Monday Feb 21 2022 for a special Family themed craft!

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