7 Latest March Break Activities to Explore With Your Kids

March Break

By Yousef Chaparian

It’s that time of year again! It’s March break at Mount Pleasant Village! Ring in the season of renewal as spring approaches. Mount Pleasant Village is hosting many fun activities for your kids to participate in for the upcoming week!

1. Park Activities at June Rowlands 

Located at the corner of Davisville Avenue and Mount Pleasant Road, June Rowlands Park is the perfect place for fun activities this time of year. Come on down and play a game of baseball at the ball diamond. There are many sports facilities you can partake in. The park hosts Davisville Tennis Club’s 6 tennis courts, a splash pad, and a volleyball court.

Take a walk in the park with your family and friends. If you’re feeling hungry, there are plenty of picnic tables located around the park! Grab a schnitzel from Bread & Butter, a sandwich from Subway, or visit the local convenience store there are just a few steps from the park. There are plenty of local restaurants to choose from. Don’t forget to get your kids involved in the local playground.

Take in the scenery and cement yourself in nature. Take in one last look at the withering trees before the first few weeks of spring warmth arrives.

March Break2. Cooking at The Chef Upstairs (516 Mt Pleasant Rd.)

Enroll your kids and teens (ages 7-16) in March Break Cooking Camp lessons at The Chef Upstairs! The Camp runs from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. between March 21-25.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to see your child learn critical skills, cooking is the perfect activity

  • Cooking develops fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills when their hands are mixing, cooking, and creating meals from recipes
  • Aids language development (reading recipes and communication)
  • Expands mathematical skills (counting, measuring, and weighing)
  • Strengthens scientific skills (understanding the processes behind how recipes are created through observations)

Watch your kids unleash their inner creativity and sense of achievement at The Chef Upstairs.

And for your teens, research suggests that cooking skills predict future nutritional well-being, saves money, and carries a life-long impact.

March Break

3. Pottery at Creative Clay Studio (566 Mt Pleasant Rd.)

Help your kid discover a new hobby at Creative Clay Studio! Explore and create using clay to create pottery and ceramic artworks. Pottery includes objects that have been created with clay and hardened by heat.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or advanced. Creative Clay Studio is teaching classes currently in two forms to the public: passes and classes

Passes are non-instructional. Monitors on-site will be available to you, as you use the available tools and do it yourself!

Classes are instructional. Instructors will use their fine expertise and are ready to help you grow from your current skill level. Challenging yourself and your kid to new activities may seem daunting at first. However, the benefits you learn from pottery last a lifetime. These include:

  • Mind and body benefits: Creating, working with new techniques, and seeing what you’ve brought into this world help open up your potential for artistic expression
  • Creativity: Pottery explores your capacity to express yourself through molding clay
  • Life-long memories: Your finished products will serve as memories to the process of having created them! Show off your creations to your friends and family 

4. Reading at Mabel’s Fables Children’s Bookstore (662 Mt Pleasant Rd.)

Joseph Addison wrote: “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”.

Mabel’s Fables is encouraging you and your kids to catch up on your spring reading list this break! A special display of books is being showcased for March break so you can buy your novels!

Besides gaining new knowledge from books, being entertained, or getting lost in the magical world of Harry Potter, reading is a powerful tool in an ever-increasing digital world.

Why Read? 

• Reading increases your brain power
• Improves your vocabulary
• Helps mental health, depression, and anxiety
• Consistent reading starting at an early age has life-long health benefits

Mabel’s Fabels has curated different reading lists for you. One list supports Indigenous reads offered for kids and young adults. 

For readers ages 9-18, join the Mabel’s Fable’s book club! You will be grouped by your age and reading interests. Purchase a wrapped pre-selected book and participate with your fellow bookworms!

5. Kids’ Dance hosted by Happy Feet Dance at Midtown’s Tiny Tots (745 Mount Pleasant Road)

Happy Feet Dance will be hosting kids’ dance lessons with Midtown’s Tiny Tots! The dance lessons will be hosted at their Activity Centre on March 14th! To find out how you can enroll your child in the program, contact Midtown’s Tiny Tots here!

The impact of dance on your child’s development are numerous:

• Increases cognitive abilities as your child learns to adapt to the environment around them
• It goes without saying that keeping your children physically active improves physical fitness and personal well-being
• Helps spur your child’s confidence
• Benefits your child’s ability to express themselves in a creative manner

Lastly, dance is fun! Every parent wants to see their kids have fun and explore their creativity!

Don’t forget to check out more on Happy Feet Dance in our previous blog post.

6. Kid’s Camp at Camp Kirk (639 Mt Pleasant Rd.)

Camp Kirk wants to see your kids have fun in a safe space, their activities include rock climbing, archery, and sports. Camp Kirk provides a safe and fun place for kids from a neurodiverse background. Campers and leaders-in-training are all neurodiverse from ages 6 to 18!

Check out the General Program they are hosting for your kids between March 12-13!  They are also hosting free virtual programs during the March Break so your kids can have fun online. 

Camp Kirk is building an inclusive community for your kids. Their camps are also an LGBTQ+ safe space. All staff and campers will be provided with pronoun pins to create a welcoming environment.

7. Academic Camps at Scholar’s Leaside (583 Mt Pleasant Rd)

Scholar’s Leaside is a tutoring service available for students ranging from kindergarten to Grade 12.

Encourage your kids’ education at Scholar’s Leaside! They are hosting Half-Day Academic and LEGO® robotics camps throughout the March Break.

At the day camp, students will participate in 2 hours of academic instruction using individualized programming in reading, writing, math, and French. These programs are great to match your kids with their skill level. Following this, 1 hour of curriculum-aligned LEGO® robotics will be taught.

After their March Break camp experience, complimentary initial assessments and report card reviews will be provided summarizing all their fun work completed.


Whether you participate with your kids with a stroll at the park, encourage them to try pottery, dance, or reading—there is something for everyone here at Mount Pleasant Village!

Watch your kids have fun and have a wondrous March Break! We await your visit!

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